Penumbra • 魑魅魍魉


Penumbra 10


For the tenth version of Penumbra (魑魅魍魉), 小白能 and Temple Rat present live sets, interleaved with an experimental film program and an afterparty with HAL.

Bio: 小白能

2015 年以“小白能”为代号开始其声音计划至今,偶尔也用"WINGYKICK"作为 DJ 身份发出怪声儿。组过一个乐队叫 BurgerSuicideClub,运营一个活动厂牌叫银勺。

Since it started their sound project in 2015 under the codename "小白能", sometimes they used "WINGYKICK" as a DJ to make weird songs. They had a band called BurgerSuicideClub, and ran an art, fashion event label called SilverSpoon.

Bio: Temple Rat

Temple Rat is a traditional instrument player, composer, and DJ from Shanghai China. The identity of an artist with multiple identities has opened up infinite possibilities for her to explore art. She's been experimenting with her sound's many possibilities, converting this newfound fire into a rhythm. In production, she never lost her passion for finding and producing new tunes waves, incorporating field recording into her routine. Her musical logic is built through meticulous sound design. She is famous for combining serene ambient acoustics compositions with distorted blended noises. As a DJ, she is just as inspired and versatile as a producer, skillfully taking the dance floor into the profound and diverse corners of modern dance music.

In the past few years, she has made many appearances in well-known clubs and radio stations in Asia and Europe, her eclectic set at 2019's opening hybrid set of Boiler Room Shanghai put her on the map as an acknowledged DJ, and these performance experiences have made her unique style. She hosts a monthly program on China's BaiHui Radio. In 2022, she founded the live music brand "Er Ting Ba Fang 耳聽八方" in Berlin to encourage interethnic cooperation in hybrid sound and cross-cultural interaction.

Bio: HAL



2017年加入成都先锋电子音乐厂牌Lab music,曾担任Funkytown驻场dj.目前活跃于.Tag club和Hakka bar, AW club. 目前他正在试图成为一位优秀且真实的音乐人。

Originally from the hinterland of Southwest China, he grew up in a secluded valley. When he was young, he used to pick up a guitar and travel around. After journey of experimenting, he settled down in electronic music.

From the little things of life to the everyday happenings. Every emotional jump is a source of inspiration for him. From simple splicing to complex embellishments, HAL has been trying to break free of the inherent constraints, the equipment like the emotional and blurred vibration frequency layer by layer, such as hollow echo sound effects narrating his musical ideas.

In 2017, he joined Lab music, a pioneering electronic music label in Chengdu, and once served as the resident DJ of Funkytown. Currently active in Tag club and Hakka bar, AW club. Now he is trying to be a good and authentic musician.


小白能, Temple Rat, HAL


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