Penumbra • 魑魅魍魉


Penumbra 12


For the twelfth Penumbra (魑魅魍魉), we feature long sets from Ario (London) and Lyu Zhi-Qiang (Beijing), and a special live performance from Rainsoft (Shanghai).

Bio: Ario

With origins linking back to Iran, London-based Ario is a practitioner of deep and inquisitive music both as a DJ and as curator of his enormously influential label Astral Industries. Though his remit falls within the deeper shades of electronic music, his overall aesthetic draws on a broader spectrum that prizes the synthesis of both instrumental and electronic forms. Depending on context, he traverses the line between ambient and heavier, club-ready styles. What is common in both worlds, however, is his alchemical handling of rich organicism mixed with darker, more austere sounds.

Bio: Rainsoft

Rainsoft是现居上海的音乐制作人。她从深邃的Ambient与Techno音乐中汲取灵感,以她充满灵性的感知,探索自身与音乐的连接。她的音乐冷静与柔性并存,灵动的氛围交织变幻,细微的思想潜伏于每个音符深 处。她关注于音乐更深层次的表达,在开始与发展之间追求一种无限。

Rainsoft is a musician based in Shanghai. She acquires inspiration from deep ambient and techno music. Exploring through spiritual sensations, her music is calm and gentle, with a dynamic and fluctuating atmosphere. Subtle thoughts lie low in every note. She cares most about expressing deeper thoughts through her music, pursuing the infinity between beginning and development.

Bio: Lyu Zhi-Qiang

围绕Techno、Minimal、Ambient、Experimental进行拼贴处理,在他看来DJ的过程就是艺术创作,是一场严肃、投入从而窥探内心和世界的仪式,在过去几中,Lyu Zhi-Qiang在地下电子音乐场景中投入了极大的热情与精力,兼顾DJ、Promoter和厂牌运营等多重身份,运营活动厂牌“海市蜃楼 Eerawai”和”Eerawai Ambient Series”,以及参与Minimal音乐活动“M.A.N.L”的策划。招待所(Zhao Dai)常驻DJ。


Ario, Rainsoft, Lyu Zhi-Qiang