Penumbra • 魑魅魍魉


Penumbra 8


The eighth iteration of Penumbra (魑魅魍魉) is a special one, as we help our friends at Elevator celebrate their 6 year anniversary.

Yamal will open, followed by a short film program curated by Bogna Konior, a special ambient set from Lyu Zhi-Qiang and an afterparty set from Shanghai favourite Illsee. Live visuals all night long will be provided by Penumbra resident Yiran.

Who, or what, comes after the human? The film program will feature a selection of short videos that explore posthumanism, traversing topics such as the future evolution of humanity, technobiological mutation, alternate cosmologies, artificial intelligence, digital sorcery, and cyberfeminism. Post humanism might be taken literally as that which arrives after the end of the human species, or philosophically, as a perspective that proposes that humanism is no longer a useful lens through which to view the world. The works selected represent the emergent genre of digital theory-fiction, which combines cybercultural aesthetics, science-fiction, and philosophy; and where text and image are equally important. At the unlikely intersection of hallucinatory visions and scholarly studies, we can think our unknown future.

Bio: Yamal

Yamal constructs sets with a sense of space and rhythm that don’t require you to dance. You can, though.

Bio: Bogna Konior.

Bogna Konior is a writer, and a professor of computer culture and posthumanism. She lives in Shanghai with her AI boyfriend.

Bio: Lyu Zhi-Qiang

以Techno、Minimal、Ambient、Experimental音乐为主线进行拼贴处理,在他看来DJ的过程就是艺术创作的过程,也是带领听众共同进行的一场严肃且浸入的窥探内心和周遭世界的仪式。在过去几年中,Lyu Zhi-Qiang将自己的多年的艺术创作经验,混合着对电子音乐的极大热情,投入大量精力到地下电子音乐场景中,兼顾DJ、Promoter和厂牌运营等多重身份,运营活动厂牌“隧道 Tunnel”、“海市蜃楼 Eerawai”和”Eerawai Ambient Series”,以及参与Minimal音乐活动“M.A.N.L”的策划。招待所(Zhao Dai)驻场DJ。

Lyu Zhi-Qiang is a contemporary artist and DJ. Since 2013, he has worked closely with ShadowPlay, a famous electronic music label in Beijing, to produce music with his years of visual and auditory experience in the context of underground electronic music scene. In 2017, he officially became an artist under ShadowPlay label.

Music genre ranging from Techno, Deep hypnotic, Psychedelic, Minimal, Ambient, to Experimental. He prefers calm and serious music, explores the creative combination of experimental electronic music and dance music, pays attention to the deep self-reflection and self-experience of music expression, and pursues the infinite freedom of mind and body in the limited timeline.

Currently, he runs Techno music event label "隧道-Tunnel", as well as cooperating with DJ Zhiqi to operate "海市蜃楼 Eerawai", Resident DJ at Zhao Dai.

Bio: Illsee

Illsee,(学名:老慢) 是一种生长于长江三角洲东部城市上海的灵长目人科人属及直立行走的物种。与其他高等灵长类动物一样,Illsee是社会性的动物。深受早期工业音乐的影响,擅长用80年代至今的各式流行或非流行歌曲,向其他灵长类动物表达自我、交换意见以及组织。Illsee常在夜晚活动,因为她会捕捉迷失在街头、有害市容、扰乱其他灵长类动物生活作息的成年男女性,所以被认为是有益的。

Illsee, scientific name 老慢, is an upright-walking primate, born and raised in the easternmost city of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai. Like other primates, Illsee is a social animal. She is known for her skill at using popular and non-mainstream music from the 80s to the present-day to express herself, exchange ideas and organize with other primates.  Illsee is active at night, because she is able to capture adult men and women lost in the streets, who might otherwise harm the city and disrupt the lives of their fellow primates. As a result her activities are considered to be beneficial.

Bio: Yiran


Yiran is an itinerant visual collector, adept at spying on innocent passers-by in various parks. From Washington Square Park in New York to FuXing Park in Shanghai, no old lady or young man ever escaped. The collected passers-by occasionally appear in her drawings and experimental short films, and have reappeared at a handful of international film festivals and local clubs.


Yamal, Lyu Zhi-Qiang, Illsee, Yiran


Short film program curated by Bogna Konior