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Penumbra 14


Penumbra (魑魅魍魉) presents Glitch Archive: An Evening of Sonic and Visual Deformation, curated with Allison de Fren. Sid Frank will play a drone set alongside video footage he shot around Beijing in 1988. Allison de Fren will introduce a selection of films by Lei Lei, who will perform a live soundtrack. Allison will then present a screening of Bill Morrison's masterpiece, Decasia. We close with a DJ set from Simon Frank.

Bio: Sid Frank

Sid Frank (席德·法兰克,外号:冷热爸爸)是一位驻蒙特利尔的实验音乐人。他利用来自日常生活中城市与自然环境的田野录音和广播与黑胶唱片的采样创作电子嗡鸣音乐。他的作品提供了一张背景,揭示了原本刺耳或让人分心的声音中所隐藏的音乐性,并且为听众留下了生成自己内在声音的空间。他曾经在北京的XP和fruityspace、台北的Korner、墨西哥与加拿大的地下实验音乐场地演出过。

在开始表演之前,Frank 曾是北京实验音乐场景的资深听众,也是 Joshua 和 Simon Frank(冷热兄弟、工工工乐队)的父亲。最近,他还参与了法国 CAMP 音乐驻地项目,与实验音乐家 Oren Ambarchi 和 crys cole 一同合作。


Sid Frank is a Montreal-based experimental musician who creates electronic drones that incorporate field recordings of daily life in both urban and natural environments, radio broadcasts and samples from vinyl. His compositions provide a backdrop that reveals the hidden musicality of otherwise harsh or distracting sounds and leaves space for the listener to generate their own internal compositions. He has performed in experimental music venues including Beijing’s XP and fruityspace, Taipei’s Korner, and at underground venues in Montreal and Mexico City.

A long-time audience member in the Beijing experimental music scene before he began performing, Frank is the father of Joshua and Simon Frank (Hot & Cold, Gong Gong Gong). He recently participated in France’s CAMP music residency with experimental musicians Oren Ambarchi and crys cole.

Frank’s China shows will showcase a work combining live performance with video footage he shot around Beijing in 1988.

Bio: Allison de Fren

Allison de Fren is a filmmaker, video essayist, and scholar whose work is situated at the intersection of sexuality/gender, film/media, and science/technology. She is a Visiting Associate Professor in the Interactive Media Arts program at NYU Shanghai and is a permanent faculty member of the Media Arts & Culture Department at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Bio: Lei Lei

雷磊, 1985 年出生于中国江西省南昌市,独立动画导演, 艺术家, 创作同时涉及平面设计、录像、绘画和音乐。2009 年获得清华大学美术学院动画硕士学位,自此开始从事独立动画与艺术创作,并从2018 年起任教于加州艺术学院。

2010 年动画短片《这个念头是爱》获得渥太华国际动画节最佳动画短片奖。2013 年动画短片《照片回收》入选昂西国际动画节,同年获得荷兰国际动画节最佳动画短片奖。2014 年担任萨各勒布国际动画节、荷兰国际动画节评委。2017 年动画短片《照片手工上色》入围昂西国际动画节短片竞赛单元。

他的第一部纪录片《动物方言》入围2019 年柏林电影节论坛单元,同年获得Cinéma Vérité 伊朗国际纪录片电影节最佳中长片纪录片奖。

《第二个和第三个妈妈》是他的第一部动画长片,2022 年在鹿特丹国际电影节金虎奖主竞赛单元完成全球首映。

Born in 1985 in Nanchang, China, Lei Lei graduated from Tsinghua University with a master's degree in animation in 2009. Since then, he has worked as a freelance artist and animator. Since January 2018, he has also been teaching at CalArts in the United States.

His works include animated short films, notably This Is Love (best short film at the Ottawa International Film Festival in 2010) and Recycled (selected at the Annecy Festival, Grand Prize for short film at Holland International Animation Film Festival in 2013). In 2014, he was a member of the jury of the Zagreb International Animated Film Festival, and was a laureate of the Asian Cultural Council Fund. In 2017, his short film Hand Colored No. 2 was in competition at the Annecy Festival.

In 2019, his first documentary Breathless Animals was presented at the Berlinale Forum and won the prize for best medium-length documentary at the Iran International Documentary Film Festival “Cinéma Vérité”.

His first animated feature Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2022.

Bio: Simon Frank

西门·法兰克出生于加拿大,在新德里和北京长大。白天是上班族,晚上制作自己的音乐或打碟,受到后朋克,工业音乐,酸浩室,印度古典音乐,即兴音乐等的影响。他的乐队包括Hot & Cold (冷热兄弟,跟他哥哥Josh Frank, 工工工乐队的成员),Love Theme,以及爱情研究所(情趣即兴摇滚)。2017年于台北Lonely God厂牌发行个人磁带专辑《Humid Music》 ;2019年开始办《XMQ呈现》活动系列;2021年于香港Absurd TRAX厂牌发了个人专辑 《So Dream It》。

Simon Frank was born in Canada and grew up in New Delhi and Beijing. By day he’s a salaryman, and by night he makes music and DJs, influenced by post punk, industrial music, acid house, Indian classical music, improvised music, and more. His projects include Hot & Cold (with his brother Josh Frank, member of Gong Gong Gong), Love Theme, and Love Research Institute. In 2017, he released the solo cassette album “Humid Music” on Taipei’s Lonely God Records; in 2019 he started the event series XMQ Presents; and in 2021 he released the album “So Dream It” on Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax.


Sid Frank, Lei Lei, Simon Frank


Films by Lei Lei and Bill Morrison, introduced by Allison de Fren