Penumbra • 魑魅魍魉


Penumbra 15


For the fifteenth Penumbra (魑魅魍魉), and our last at Elevator, we present a Christmas Eve special, featuring ambient sets from Chris SSG, Rainsoft and Yamal.

Penumbra (魑魅魍魉) is sad to be leaving Elevator, which will close at the end of the year. But we are very happy to end our run by welcoming back Chris SSG from Tokyo. Chris has supported us from the beginning, playing an absolutely beautiful long set in May, and contributing two mixes to our series on Baihui (listen here and here). On Sunday, he'll have the controls for as long as he wants them.

We are also very happy to welcome back Shanghai local Rainsoft, who played one of our earliest afterparties (as 十一), and more recently a lovely ambient liveset. This time around, she'll play an ambient DJ set.

Opening is our usual suspect Yamal. If the old Elevator weren't a short walk from his apartment, and if he didn't run into Chris at a Tokyo club in 2018, Penumbra (魑魅魍魉) would not exist. He's happy it does.

Bio: Chris SSG

Chris SSG is the co-founder of MNML SSGS, currently exploring the edges of techno music in Tokyo.

Bio: Rainsoft

Rainsoft是现居上海的音乐制作人。她从深邃的Ambient与Techno音乐中汲取灵感,以她充满灵性的感知,探索自身与音乐的连接。她的音乐冷静与柔性并存,灵动的氛围交织变幻,细微的思想潜伏于每个音符深 处。她关注于音乐更深层次的表达,在开始与发展之间追求一种无限。

Rainsoft is a musician based in Shanghai. She acquires inspiration from deep ambient and techno music. Exploring through spiritual sensations, her music is calm and gentle, with a dynamic and fluctuating atmosphere. Subtle thoughts lie low in every note. She cares most about expressing deeper thoughts through her music, pursuing the infinity between beginning and development.

Bio: Yamal

Yamal constructs sets with a sense of space and rhythm that don’t require you to dance. You can, though, especially when it's Christmas.


Chris SSG, Rainsoft, Yamal