Penumbra • 魑魅魍魉


Penumbra 5


For the fifth iteration of Penumbra (魑魅魍魉), we present a special performance by Otay:onii with Zhuo and Yiran.


The performance reimagines the story of Snow White, twisting the details and casting new light on well-known characters: you will discover a new relationship between Snow White and her step-mother, a new view of the princess, and a new taste of the poisoned apple. The performance will be fully immersive, mixing unexpected sound and visuals with unforgettable tastes and smells.

Featuring special drinks by Vis, and an afterparty with 11 (十一).


Otay:onii (施金豆),出生于浙江海宁,常驻纽约。她同时也是美国噪音朋克、自赏黑金属Elizabeth Colour Wheel乐际的主唱。施金豆曾柴获两届努瑞安德森女性科技奖,Global Music Award的最佳女声铜奖,与 Audiovisual Arts Industrial Incubator 最佳馨音金奖等。她在电子、气氛、音效拼贴甚至噪音等众多元素里穿梭游离,不断打破边界后又重新构建,在尖锐的直觉下企图用身体见证心与思的合并,并且在此构建真诚温床上值得回顾的历史,追寻着迸裂出裂缝的那一束光,和其最荡漾的回声。

Otay:onii (Lane Shi Otayonii) was born in Haining, China, and has recently been a resident of New York and Shanghai. She is the vocalist for punk, metal and shoegaze band Elizabeth Colour Wheel (US), and has received awards for both her production and her vocals. Working across electronic, ambient, sound collage and noise, Otay:onii breaks down structures with the aim of synchronising the heart and mind.


Growing up in the old industrial base of China, Zhuo combines electronic music with various forms of folk music, from the jungle psychedelia of South America to the snow shamans of North Asia. She deploys original beats to awaken forgotten senses in the depths of consciousness, leading you to leap in instinctive dance and serene contemplation. By following the pulse of the earth, she’ll make you a nomad in a borderless territory.

Yiran is an itinerant visual collector, adept at spying on innocent passers-by in various locations. From Washington Square Park in New York to FuXing Park in Shanghai, no old lady or young man has ever escaped. The collected passers-by occasionally appear in her drawings and experimental short films, and have reappeared at a handful of international film festivals and local clubs.

A current employee of Drowsy Office


11 is a musician living in Shanghai, merging the spirit of ambient and techno. Her inspiration comes from diverse places, between the movement of clouds and water, and macro and micro thinking. She is adept at capturing gentle melodies, fluid progressions, and pursuing an infinity between origin and development.


Otay:onii, Zhuo, Yiran, Vis, 11


Curated by Otay:onii