Penumbra • 魑魅魍魉


Penumbra 6


For the sixth iteration of Penumbra (魑魅魍魉), we present a live ambient set by Mervv, a program of short films curated by Zhihui, and an afterparty set by La Force Sauvage.


My bio usually looks like this:

Mervv是个浪漫,贪婪,强力又温暖就像熊抱一样的集合。光怪陆离的音乐材质,经典的鼓融合在一起试图达到和谐的极限,他的灵魂属于沁满汗渍的地下室。他经常在中国和德国演出,例如 Oil, Floating Island, Elevator, 44kw, Tag, Ost-Apotheke,以及许多可爱的俱乐部。

Mervv is a little romantic and a little gritty. Rough but warm. Like a bear hug. Weird textures, classic drums mangled and pushed to their limits, lovely harmonies. His spirit belongs in a sweaty basement.

He's played frequently in China and Germany, at places like Oil, Floating Island, Elevator, 44kw, Tag, Ost-Apotheke, and many other small but lovely clubs.

But today there is something important to add. It looks like this:

My machines are usually made to beep and squawk with an aggressive pace and timbre. I'm going to be nicer to them tonight. I think they'll adapt well. Hopefully, it'll be like a Lynchian soundtrack to your third gin & tonic in a row (slow down!), or to your awkward confession of affection to that person you just keep running into on accident. Maybe it'll sound like a big tangle of feedback loops, like you just took a bit too much horse tranquilizer. Those three situations aren't that dissimilar, sometimes. Results not guaranteed.



Art creator Zhihui has been occupied by the Guagua cat recently. She sometimes tries to make low-tech robots, sometimes cuts and pastes code, is interested in projectors and small screens, and often indulges in wiring. She has curated some short films for Penumbra that may be meaningless but are definitely interesting.


La Force Sauvage emerged from the late nineties underground rave scene of Holland. Throwing freeparties and DJing in Rotterdam, The Hague, and Amsterdam. After moving to the USA he started organizing the legendary Perpetual Dawn warehouse raves in and around Los Angeles. Signature styles include techno, electro, IDM, breakcore, gabber, and footwork. May "La Force" be with you...


Mervv, La Force Sauvage


Short film program curated by Zhihui